Thursday, December 1, 2016

Fidel Castro 12-1

for Monday: write two obituaries for Fidel Castro – (in Spanish, in GOOGLE DOCS - share with me!) – one with the perspective of a Cuban national symbol/icon and one from the perspective of anti-Castro – of a leader who divided its country and people.

Consider the standard form of an obituary and include descriptions and examples from his life that back up the perspective of each obituary.

Including political cartoons would further enhance your project.

Some sites to consider:

  1. NBC: A Nuyoriquan View:
  2. NPR: Scott Simon - listen or read:
  3. NPR: mourning/celebration:
  4. NYT: Fidel:
  5. NYT: generation gap:
  6. CNN: joy and grief:
  7. anything else you find!

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